VCARE proudly announces the latest addition of the training program as part of series of training offers for the Supply Chain & Operations professionals, who want to excel their career in the Supply Chain management domain.

This program is specifically designed for professionals and executives who wants to develop their knowledge and skills in supply chain management including procurement, warehousing, inventory, distribution and related technologies. The curriculum is designed by the experts in global standards development and operational excellence.

The course aims to provide essential knowledge about supply chain concepts, challenges, supply chain management and SCM technology to build their knowledge and career in the related areas. It also includes value added part with the overview of GS1 Global Standards for Supply Chain management and automation.

The information presented proved very beneficial to develop the knowledge for supply chain domain and fast track their career growth.


  1. Supply Chain Concepts

  2. Basic Definitions in Supply Chain

  3. Process view of a Supply Chain: Cycle view, Push/Pull view

  4. What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

  5. Drivers of Supply Chain Performance

  6. e-Business in Supply Chain

  7. Information Technology role for SCM

  8. Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology role in implementing (Barcode and RFID)

  9. GS1 Barcode Standards for Supply Chain Management

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