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How Supply Chain Impact The Sustainability ?

The complex nature of supply chains presents urgent sustainability challenges to companies and the suppliers they work with. In order to protect their own bottom lines, corporations must ensure that their suppliers are held to global standards of sustainability and incentivized to exceed these standards.Sustainable supply chains as critical to business success.Companies to strengthen their supply chains--through establishing stronger policies, by setting higher standards for environmental and social performance, and increasing transparency amongst their many suppliers.

  • Companies are becoming increasingly exposed to risks across their supply chains, either by disruption resulting from climate change or reputational damage.

  • Building resilience into supply chains is necessary to ensure a company's long-term survival.

  • There is a strong business case for developing sustainable ways of working throughout a company and its supply chain: saving resources is a more efficient and profitable way of doing business.

  • The Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): Building the Foundation for Sustainable Supply Chains.

  • Improving Workers' Well-Being.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight.

  • Digging into Sustainable Agriculture.

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