• Zeeshan Ilyas

Core Beliefs in Supply Chain Leadership

Supply Chain Management discussed some of the most noted challenges of today's overall business climate. What most of these Senior Managers found is that supply chains are about people and relationships more than they are about technology. We understand that technology has been the enabler to integrating the supply chain, but it is how we work together that dominates our ongoing drive for optimization.

What motivates procurement managers, for instance, may conflict with what motivates the distribution, transportation or customer service department. Since the supply chain has brought these departments more closely together, the internal issues need to be addressed with new human capital strategies.

The following are the top ten concerns supply chain leaders face today with observations on what to consider for a more optimal workplace.

  • Focusing on your Supply Chain Strategy

  • Cost Cutting

  • Innovate in Order to Prosper

  • Managing Change

  • Crisis Management

  • New Technology

  • New Ideas

  • New Processes

  • Lack of Efficiency without Trust

  • Managing Risks / Adding Metrics

  • Invest in Relationships

  • Supply Chain Mastery

It takes all of your intellect, co-operation and motivation to go from good to great. If you don't raise the bar, though, mediocrity will prevail.What's the bottom line to all of this? Supply chain starts with you setting the tone as the leader. Setting an example and recognizing the culture you want to create within your firm will raise the bar for the entire company. If you take an honest look at what you want to improve, and get the support and buy-in from your entire team, everyone will work towards a common goal. It is what will ultimately separate the gap between the great supply chain leaders and the average performers.

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