Continuous Innovation In Supply Chain Of Food Packaging is Essential

Continuous innovation is essential for reducing the food waste in the supply chain, and the suggestions presented to solve these issues are the following:

Post-harvest - not meeting specifications for quality and/or appearance "Distribution packaging that provides better protection and shelf life for fresh produce as it moves from farm to processor."

Processing and packaging—inadequate remaining shelf life

"Adoption of new packaging materials and technology to extend shelf life of fresh and processed food."

Distribution (wholesale & retail)-damage in transit/storage due to packaging failures. "Improved design of secondary packaging to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and protects the food through the supply chain."

Distribution—product spoilage

"Increased use of retail-ready packaging to reduce double-handling and damage and improve turnover."

Food service—confusion over best-before dates

"Education about the meaning of use-by and best-before date marks on primary packaging."

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